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P2940860 Welcome to 2014! It's been a little surreal so far. Maybe you've heard we've had a bit of weather in New England. After a quiet and cozy New Year's Day at home with our pals, and intermittent monitoring of the weather reports, we went into snowstorm preparedness mode. By 11am Thursday M informed her team she'd be sending everyone home at 2pm, and by 3pm on Thursday afternoon everyone was home despite journeys in a bona fide blizzard and it's been snow days ever since.

Fact: I have never been so damn cold in all my life.


Every time we turn around someone's pipes are bursting, there's another terrible winter house fire, and temps are far below zero - creating dangerous ice, threatening frostbite in the blink of an eye (I had no idea a person could get it in as little as 30 minutes - isn't that just horrifying?!), so we've kept safe and sound indoors. Our firewood supply is running alarmingly low!

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I used to say my comfort zone was 30ºF minimum. Not pleasant, but tolerable. My new comfort zone is anything above 0ºF and basically I have no idea who I even am anymore. Now I was already a tough cookie when I left SF, but at this rate by the time I leave here I seriously would not recommend crossing me because I'm pretty sure I'll be bionic by then. Bionic! (Chicago friends, please don't mock me. I know, I know. You either, Canada! I know who you are. Lunatics Hearty!) 



Last night we braved -10ºF to walk a block to dinner, and today we stepped out to restock the pantry (and bar cart, not gonna lie) and all I wore under this miniskirt were tights. (Tights! Not even fleece-lined!) We thought we'd attempt to catch a little Vitamin D before the sun set at this little neighborhood park. The gazebo was full of snow but that didn't stop us and neither did my tiny wool miniskirt.

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You might recognize the J. Crew skirt from an Autostraddle post last month, though it barely peeks out from under this H&M coat. Underneath is a plain black, long-sleeve painter tee, also from J. Crew, and I've got a creamy Madewell scarf and knee-high Lamica boots to help keep me toasty. The calf-hair polka dot bag and bracelet are from Madewell, too, and the sunglasses are from Anthropologie.


I kind of love the leather driving gloves the best, though, and those are Rachel Zoe. (It's kind of weird for me to have a pair of Rachel Zoe gloves, but I've been after a pair of fingerless driving gloves for awhile, and it was either these or a men's pair by Varvatos. These were quilted, so they won!)

1st FFAF

Cheers to more snowy wonderland posts, perhaps a ski day or two, to Mexican hot chocolate and more rounds of fireside Banagrams, to finally buying and using a couple of sleds, and endless excuses for cozing and sticking bottles of bubbly in the snow for ciderosas (mimosas, but with fresh local apple cider). WINTER, Y'ALL.