1984 Penguin

Live from Jamaica Plain, Boston, it's FFAF!

We're on our last day of travels out here and it looks as if the fog has found us all the way from San Francisco. It's been a wonderful trip so far, very full of the dearest friends, the best drinks, the most incredible food and many gorgeous sights. The wedding on Saturday night at Lincoln's de Cordova was perfect, and the brides as giddy and lovely as ever.  We don't want to leave, and thus have been seducing ourselves with real estate porn in our friends' neighborhood. Keep JP loopy!

These are companion photos to the Pepto Pink Psychobunny Skull shoot a few weeks ago, as promised. There's a special place in M's heart for penguins, so picking that mural was cake. There was also a creepy black and white tentacle mural that really freaked me out. I would like to estimate that M and Fancy (one of our gracious hosts for these past two nights) have played at least 12 hours of Mortal Kombat on the Xbox 360 in 48 short hours. Anytime "the femmes" try to engage in unrelated activities, we are quickly and violently accused of being unsupportive. They threatened a memorial service for when Subzero died. Eventually the femmes retreated to the boudoir, where we regained our sanity with piles and piles of makeup and false eyelash tutorials (f0r me). It is a wonder we even made it out for our beautiful dinner at Ten Tables.

There may or may not be a video of us all walking home late at night (okay, 1AM or something obscene like that for a Monday), the tomboys carrying a pretty little oval coffee table somebody abandoned on the side of the road, discussing the murder mystery party we'll have when we move into our $1.3m c1860 Italianate Gothic Revival home just a few minutes walk away, with its 228' wraparound porch.


It's just a simple, breezy walking outfit, as follows:

Linen shirt: Perry Ellis Denim: RSQ Boat Shoes: Payless Hat: Puerto Rico travels!