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Antiquing for Apples

01-P2890509 Allow me to explain. This year, instead of going ye olde family friendly route, we decided to mix the wholesome autumn business of apple picking with the pleasure of wine tasting at Nashoba Valley Winery.

Plus, we've heard good things about the skiing in the area come winter, and it was a good way to peek at the terrain a bit. Spoiler alert: The peak is 422' - that counts as NO elevation in our snotty Lake Tahoe book, and I'm scared to death of Vermont skiing - so cold! Still, the winery is really beautiful, especially with all of the fall colors ablaze, and the orchards boast a smartly curated selection of antique apples in addition to the standard selection. You can read more about all that here if you're interested. So fancy!


The tomboys directing some apple traffic. 


We arrived a bit early and sent the petite and her pal off to explore the corn maze while we hung back in the tasting room. (The night before we all piled up at our friends' house for a viewing of Children of the Corn - the original! - and as a result the kiddo was NO WAY gonna go anywhere near the maze, but we sent them off regardless. It's what parents do!) You honestly can't beat $5 for 5 tastings, plus a lovely souvenir glass.

The Gravenstein and Dry Blueberry wines were pleasant and the service was fantastic, but as far as wines go...well, overall it's no Alexander Valley. Lesson learned! Next time we'll go back to Honey Pot Hill, and just bring our own hooch. Their cider is out of this world, anyway.


Once our pals showed up we all regrouped and set out to find a few pecks' worth of apples. We were determined to find Northern Spy, Ben Davis and Golden Russet apples in particular. I'm going to make a nice apple crisp and I'm not sure what else, but they'll be put to good use.



I wore this kind of ridiculously inappropriate outfit accidentally on purpose. I distinctly remembered being too warm last year, so I kept the layers light and pulled on these studded ankle boots with nice high heels. The sun was plentiful and quite warm but whenever the breeze kicked up, it'd send a shiver through me. Oh, well. What are fabulous and impractical femme getups if not a perfect excuse to ensure a handsome butch looks after your every move? Très exactement! 



Apparently taking inspiration from the fruit of the vines, I chose this long, merlot-colored crocheted tank from The Rack, thrown on over Zara leggings with a Zara belt and topped with a Free People sweater in a nice, grape-y shade. The boots are Trouve, the bag is Kate Spade, and the necklace is from JewelMint. I've got my trusty Ray-Ban Clubmasters on as well.





We took this group photo of our footwear. Sebago boots for M, Ugg boots for Fancy, and some well-loved Doc stompers (from France!) in an excellent oxblood for Kelly Alice. It's one of my favorites from the whole day!


I found this perfect little bird's nest in one of the apple trees in the orchard! It was empty.


And then I found Kelly Alice employing very strange methods for apple picking, indeed.





After the apple picking, we bought some snacks and a bottle of Gravenstein from the winery and sat out on their beautiful patio nibbling and sipping and people watching and live music listening. It's so pleasant and dog-friendly and queer-friendly there, and a really great way to spend the afternoon, apples or no apples. They're having this cutie pie Bluegrass + Brews festival this weekend, locals who haven't yet done their apple picking or just want to enjoy a Sunday outdoors before it gets too chilly should check it out!

Next up, a bike ride to the Head of the Charles Regatta and an equestrian edition of FFAF. Stay tuned, dear readers!



New Gratitude

So few posts this month, and there are only two days left of the month! I've got several in the queue but life's been quite full the past few weeks and of course we had a lovely long holiday. Speaking of which, here's my Thanksgiving 2012 outfit! Obviously, it wasn't too cold a day, and it helped that I was in the warm kitchen for lots of it, bustling away over our dinner with M and the petite.

All told, we had a nice big turkey, six sides (everyone had a must-have favorite in addition to the classics), delicious spiced sangria and a beautiful pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. For folks who hate cooking (that would be us), we actually had a lot of fun that day. I'm delighted to say that hardly any of it went to waste despite our being a small family of three - we've been living on leftovers and I turned what remained of the turkey carcass into an amazing gumbo from this recipe at Garden & Gun.

Making my first roux nearly ruined me - I stirred that sucker literally nonstop over a cast iron skillet for AN HOUR and I'm lucky it wasn't longer - but my god was it worth it. M's never been a fan of turkey (though she loved the dark meat from our champagne-soaked bird) and she's never had a gumbo before, but she threatened to just bypass the first part and go straight to the gumbo for Thanksgiving next year! I can't wait to make one using a juicy rotisserie chicken, sausage and shrimp next time.

Alright, enough talk about food! Now I'm starving.

Let's talk about the outfit! I wanted something easy but pretty, and the fact that this Juicy Couture dress had an elastic waistband sold me. (What, like you didn't wear stretchy pants or something loose and comfy!) It was too tempting not to wear my riding boots (also Juicy Couture) over thick black over-the-knee socks dotted with flecks of color for a little extra warmth.

Just add booze!

I didn't even do my hair, to be honest, I just let it air dry and ran a brush through it. I couldn't be bothered, there was too much to do, and we stayed in bed too long to get an early start!

For some sparkle, I put on my new Marc Jacobs bow tie necklace and mixed up chunky gold and rose gold bracelets. Subtle freshwater pearl earrings from Banana Republic finished the look. PS. I'm in LOVE with this necklace. M spoils me rotten, but then again I make her gumbo and candied yams, so. Speak of the devil...

The dinner table in all its glory. I'll spare you the "after" photo, ha!

And isn't Gunner just getting so big, so quickly? More on him and how he's getting along with his two canine brothers in the next post...


PS. Check out my guest post on finding comfortable heels over at Qwear, and swing by their event in Jamaica Plain tonight for a bow tie ice cream social if you can!

Seven Years of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving morning, everyone! Take a look at that, four years of Thanksgivings as documented on FFAF!

As is our tradition every year, the cocktail du jour (our spiced pear sangria de cava from past years) has been working its magic overnight, the pumpkin cheesecake is chilling in the fridge, and we're once again extremely grateful for all of the health, love and happiness in our lives. (And of course for our newest addition, little baby bearcat Gunner.)

This is actually our 7th Thanksgiving together. Our first was an epic road trip to see the Grand Canyon, where we gave up turkey for road food (I think I had spaghetti that day) and priceless views of one of the world's greatest wonders. The next three years saw us in California's wine country with my family; all dusty, narrow rural roads winding through Alexander Valley, and our annual pre-meal walk to see the Russian River through pretty vineyards still spotted with overripe grapes. Sometimes it would be the only time all year we'd see one another, but it always felt like being home, in a way. In 2009, we all trekked to grandmother's house in the city proper, right smack between Ashbury Heights and Twin Peaks. The two after that were at my mother's house in the suburbs of San Francisco, cozy and warm and chaotic in the way all of those cheesy but strangely accurate family-themed holiday movies.

And now here we are - very, very far from the rich and wonderful past we've shared in the new home we're building for ourselves, making our first Thanksgiving meal from scratch (though not without my mother's guiding hand from a distance). Wish us luck! I was so excited I dressed the table last night almost completely. In my mind, it'll become a lovely family template crafted from a little bit of every Thanksgiving we've spent together, and then some.

Hope you all have a beautiful day, however you choose to spend it!

Lots of love, FFAF

PS. Will you be in New England next week? Come out to one or both events being hosted by the stylish folks at Qwear in Boston! I'll be at both - with tomboy in tow - and would love to see you there! Besides, who turns down an evening of bow ties and ice cream (at JP Licks in Jamaica Plain) or an excuse to dress up for cocktails in Cambridge?! Go RSVP on Facebook!

Four long years and your favorite blog... that any way to say hello? and you hold me like you'll never let me go. 

Guess what, kiddos? Fit for a Femme is four years old today. It's a little astonishing. It's even more astonishing when I think of how we're off to the East Coast soon, and how four years ago our Life Path™ didn't seem to be headed in a six-day blaze of glory across the United States on the 80 to a beautiful Victorian we'd call our own. Isn't that just the way of life paths? It's one hell of a twist.


While I doubt this blog will still be around in 2016, it'll be great fun to share our New England exploits here for a little while. So many new adventures await us! On Saturday my mother threw us a going-away soiree at her house. Family and close family friends came from near and far to see us off, and it was a tremendously perfect day. We were so touched by everyone's love and kindness, and all of the little gestures that came together in one huge embrace that filled our hearts and will tide us over out there for a while.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that we're flying my mom out for the last half of July. It'll be so much fun to have her help getting settled and set up in our new home. In the meantime, we're slowly and steadily preparing for the big day on June 30th. We took a little break yesterday to get M a much-needed haircut, and of course the wait at FSC Barber for M's gal meant popping across the street to Tacolicious to kill some time sipping margaritas and eating tacos in the rare and happy sunshine.

We also stopped to snap these pics. The gosh darn battery died before we could do any close-up, detailed shots, but this backdrop against the side of The Women's Building was too amazing not to post! Isn't it so cool? We loved it. In all my years I've never noticed this part, and it made me think how I've missed having the Mission as a backdrop for these shoots for the past year or two.

And then we found this little side street with two pretty little community gardens kitty-corner from one another and just had to snap a picture of the street's name - BIRD! (He's currently in big trouble because he just chased a cat down the cul de sac, tsk!) We're thinking of doing a little Tumblr for our road trip with the dogs, what do y'all think? It's bound to be hilarious and incredible and occasionally disastrous and we are ever-so-slightly terrified. We'll keep y'all posted. (Needless to say, your road trip tips are very much welcome!)

This outfit! It's a J. Crew dress, and I have one in navy as well. I wanted something easy and comfortable to wear during the road trip, since it's bound to be a million degrees through certain states, and they seemed perfect. I paired it with a skinny white belt, this incredible Cordoba clutch by Elliott Lucca and my comfy sky-high platform wedges by Kensie. I've got a random gold and white bangle on and my mixed metal necklace from Jewelmint. It was too hot for anything but a ponytail.

That's all for now, y'all.



PS. After the barber and Tacolicious, we popped over to Dogwood in Oakland for my last Bay Area book club meeting - we'd just finished reading James Salter's A Sport and a Pastime. One of the gals had these amazing shoes on, and we had to snap a pic since they looked so hot together. ULTRA-FEMME!

Weekend Casual

Sometimes on the weekend you just throw on a pair of blanket-soft skinny jeans, a breezy camp shirt, some fuckoff heels, and then stomp around in a woodsy area (when you'd rather be on a boat, for instance). Don't forget the Everlane belt and Ray-Bans!

It was time for me to see my amazing optometrist (they can be amazing, I promise - just go to Eye Dare in SF!) once again this year, so off I went for my annual exam and to replenish my contact lens supply. I had the brilliant idea to request daily disposable samples for our upcoming road trip! Who wants to fuss with solutions and cleaning and soaking and waiting the requisite 6 hours min. during on top of everything else we'll be dealing with?! Not this lady. My doc hooked me up with two different brands and I'm hooked. It's so much more wasteful than monthly lenses but totally hassle-free. Wish I'd thought of it sooner for overseas vacations!

So triumphant with this big stick! Ridiculous. We realized we had no kindling for the fire (yes, it's still getting chilly enough for fires in the miserable fog zone), so we went and collected some nearby. Resourceful dykes. Just like that one time we threw a pile of matches onto a pile of charcoal and hoped for the best.

Accessories! I've got on my Lisa Galibardy necklace, Lori's Shoes leather and gold bracelet, and my braided leather "nudie girl" bracelet layered with a blush and copper braided bracelet from IndieMart. Also, a seafoam green ring from Crossroads and leather sandals from Seychelles. The jeans are Silence + Noise and the shirt is Hurley. I need a sleeveless one just like it!

I have to talk about this sad meal we had last night. We wanted to have dinner with a dear friend of ours and had been excited to try a new restaurant in the Mission, so we made reservations. Wo Hing General Store opened to rave reviews late last year, with a one-page menu of Southern Chinese street food-influenced items. Just this past April, Details magazine named it one of America's sexiest new restaurants! First, a few positives: I loved sitting at the handsome, spacious bar while we waited for the whole party to arrive. Everything smelled delicious. Our server was lovely and patiently answered our questions. The sommelier graciously brought me a delicious glass of Rosé after the first glass I ordered wasn't to my liking. The meal's pace was fine.

We started with a bowl of Westlake beef jook, like a rice porridge, which sounded wonderful given how freezing the gusts of fog outside had been. Perfect way to warm up for a good meal! But it was awfully bland yet also like being hit over the head with a brick of cilantro at the same time. M & our friend both found it mildly improved to "edible" by dumping soy and chili sauces and actual wontons from another appetizer (I'm getting there) in, but I couldn't get past being brutalized with cilantro and gave up.

The pork and shrimp wontons in chili bean sauce were outstanding. Bursting with flavor, so spicy, and tons of floppy, happy wonton to keep the proportions balanced. It made the rest of the meal confounding. The red Sichuan braised Niman Ranch beef brisket sounded wonderful but was also garishly lost in cilantro, had the consistency of mushrooms and tasted more boiled, less braised. The stir-fried Mary's chicken breast with baby ginger and yellow garlic chives was also a one-note wonder of ginger, ginger and more ginger and nothing else. The rice vermicelli with gulf shrimp and yellow garlic chives was the meal's buoy, not great but not bad, either. We dined upstairs, which isn't nearly as pretty as the downstairs area, and certainly not sexy. (What the hell, Details?!)

Thankfully, we skipped dessert and popped across the street to Bar Tartine, where they sat us in a little corner around an old secretary's desk to wait out of the cold for our table. For a moment things felt pleasantly and vaguely European, warm and happy and bathed in soft light, a low symphonic din of wonderful sounds - the clinking of glasses and silverware, music softening the edges of those metallic sounds and voices, quietly busy waitstaff, our own conversation. I don't think I've ever been so content to wait 30 minutes for dessert! Once seated properly, we lingered over fairly simple offerings with classic Tartine twists - Turo cheesecake with green and red strawberries, a smoky, salty chocolate torte - with champagne and port. It turned the entire evening around.

In other news, we packed six boxes today. Progress!