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Crystal Noir

Hey, y'all! I wanted to trot out my new bag and a fabulously floppy hat for these crisp, sunny days we've been having lately, so I threw on a reliably pretty vintage dress in a neutral print, some tights and a pair of peep-toed shoes that took the look to a fun, sassy level. Also, we found a massive dead tree branch on our little walkabout! YAH!

You might find it amusing to know that I first tried to sit on that smaller branch I'm leaning on up there. It broke after about 2 seconds and I fell right on my ass in a big pile of dead leaves, while M had herself a good bellyaching laugh in the safety of the manicured green lawn you can't see. You can see where it disappears below, leaving only a jagged stub behind. I managed to recover...

I'm trying to think of what's new since I last posted!

  • lovely visits from friends at home - one involved baking shortbread and another very in-depth lessons in eyeliner!
  • football madness - since I was raised on the 49ers, the NFC Championship Game was a BFD - sadly, we lost
  • finished reading Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex for book club (not for the faint-hearted)
  • began reading The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Get, written by a Norwegian author and given to me by M
  • attended my sweet cousin's delightful baby shower sans tomboy, only to find the soiree dotted with them after all!
  • dove into a new bottle of perfume, Crystal Noir from Versace - but more on that later
  • received copies of Luca Turin's perfume guides as well as After Claude, which is deliciously mean (so I hear) - can't wait!

So, I said I was going to get back into the business of discussing perfumes soon and here we are. This newest bottle of Versace Crystal Noir was a Christmas gift from the tomboy, more or less. (She originally bought me a bottle of Bright Crystal, which she'd already done before and somehow forgot. I'd been admiring it from afar and so handily swapped Bright for Noir and called it a day!)

First things first, I love the absurdly dark, heavy, gaudy bottle. It looks fantastic on my perfume tray, lurking moodily among slender Kenzo Amour or the austere Chanel No. 5  and Serge Lutens Chene, towering over a suddenly wan-looking bottle of Flowerbomb (which is of course shaped like a crystal grenade). Its contents are another story entirely.

Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, says that Donatella Versace provided creative direction for this scent, and proceeds to dismiss it as a "trashy white floral" (an improvement, believe it or not, upon Bright Crystal's two-word assessment: "hideously screechy" - ouch!). The notes are gardenia and tuberose, as well as amber. Out of the bottle, I suppose the florals do exit the vehicle with a somewhat jarring crotch shot, teeter a bit, and then - at least with my skin - hit their stride on the drydown, which becomes a wonderfully creamy, soft dusty musk. A hint sweet. Folks are split on this - either it's bug spray or bombshell mystique, but to me it's like snuggling up to the tomboy in a fancy dress, murmuring dreamily while half-filled glasses of champagne sit neglected on the bedside table, sunrise teasing the sky lighter by the second. A cozy, familiar sort of ravishing. Lovely especially in cold weather.

Do tell me if you've got new loves in the fragrance world, I want to hear all about them!

Dress: Vintage Tights: Hue Shoes & Belt: Elie Tahari Bag: Cynthia Rowley Hat: Kathy Jeanne Earrings: Silver Crane Sterling Thorned Cuff: Made Her Think

That's not purple, Mary...

The title of this post comes from one of my favorite miniseries, Angels In America, which I hope I'll be able to see onstage someday. The exchange goes like this:

Belize: Look at that heavy sky out there.
Louis: Purple.
Belize: Purple? What kind of a homosexual are you anyway? That's not purple, Mary, that color out there... is mauve.

This is the outfit I wore on our date night on Friday. I love it. The tomboy cheered when I came downstairs. I pointed to my belt and said, "Guess who's coming out with us tonight?" (I can't remember the last time Sheeba circled my waist.) It's just fun, the whole outfit, and shamelessly pretty. What makes it, I think, is the blazer from Asos. It was a steal, around 39 GBP, and it's the perfect companion to these shoes. It's also linen, so it was a foolish choice for a March night still being throttled by winter, but it's going to be my BFF this Spring/Summer, I can tell.

Last night I discovered that, as far as I can tell, I cannot get Fifi Chachnil in the states. This was grave news as I've been desperate to get my hands on some since my decant ran out late last year. On the bright side, I'll be able to visit their shop in London when we're there this June! In the meantime, I ordered another 5ML to get me through, as well as a Frederic Malle decant sampler. I'm so excited. It's been awhile since I've reviewed scents here, or even since I've gotten new ones, so I'm hoping it'll kickstart that old habit!

Speaking of scents, I accidentally mashed these flowers into my hair when taking these, and my hair smelled weird the rest of the day. Since you readers are so swell at telling me which flowers are which, can anybody tell me what these are? I picked up four bouquets and made three lush, cheerful arrangements out of them. My nail polish is Caitlin from Zoya's Spring Collection, Intimate.

Spring, won't you hurry? Quit letting this dreadful, lingering winter bully you!

What Spring trends are you looking forward to most, and has Spring hit where you live yet?

Details on the outfit: Dress, Target Blazer, Asos Pumps, Novela Tights, Banana Republic Bag, Freebird by The Sak Belt, Vintage

Jewelry: Bracelet: Lori's Shoes Necklace: Banana Republic Rings: H&M

One very dismal Friday afternoon.

a-very-dismal-friday-afternoon2Confession: I finally, finally, FINALLY took three bags of my closet's ex-contents to Crossroads this afternoon, a buy-sell-trade with stores all over the country and several in the Bay Area. M was threatening to throw them out and she meant business, but so did I! In addition to walking out of there with a fistful of cash, I traded my castaways for these like-new Marc by Marc Jacobs flats, new dark blue denim shorts with white pinstripes, a cheery new yellow summer top, a new BCBG Max Azria wrap dress in a gorgeous blue print and a pair of very cheeky red canvas peep-toe heels - so Varga girl! I had forgotten all about the satisfying rush one gets when acquiring awesome new clothes "for free!" I still have some great stuff that they turned down (Uniqlo, a pristine Ann Taylor suit, misc. vintage) that I might put up on ebay or just donate. Do y'all ever do the buy-sell-trade, or is it too harrowing / inconvenient / obnoxious?

PS. You're not nuts - I changed my shoes. The Charles David boots are what I'm kicking high in the B&W! I loved the neon yellow in the belt with the hot pink of the flats too much!

Scent: Christian Dior Diorling power walks out of the decant with a toss of big 80s hair, shoulder pads and a mad, red mouth. It smells like something from my childhood, and being a child of the 80s I suppose this makes sense. In a way it's very much your staple "perfume" smell. A hint of floral over a stern chypre, just a tinge of something powdery. The leather is elusive at first, but starts to show itself in the dry down. In reality, Diorling was born in 1963, and I'm not 100% sure that this is the original, but I suspect it's the watered down, pansy reissue. M was taken aback by the top notes, saying it reminded her of the smell of whatever it is that Pine Sol tries to cover up with the scent of pine - not the pine itself. I'm unimpressed, overall and looking forward to a write-up over the weekend of something divine!