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10-P2850060 Behold this amazing crown headband I snatched from J. Crew. Sure, it was in the Crewcuts section, but please. As if I'm one to pass up a tiara, especially one that so beautifully captures something right out of an Art Nouveau piece. It's my favorite and sometimes I wear it around the house just because.


Day 28: "Lace shorts can feel really precious, but wear it with a button-up shirt, fun oxfords, and little socks."

I borrowed these from my teenager, and paired them with an Everlane belt, a polka dot denim top in soft grey from Target and vintage brogues. For accessories, a J. Crew necklace, menswear-ish Bulova watch and Kiel James Patrick's Island of Tortuga bracelet. I ditched the socks because things have warmed back up here, sans all that sticky old humidity.


Speaking of Everlane, ZOMG the Ryan tees and tanks are at long last back in stock, so go getchusome for $20 a pop. I picked up two even though I was hoping for some sweet, moody fall/winter colors. They're too good!


With the petite off gallivanting with her pal (and family) in Newport, RI over the weekend, the tomboy and I had lots of pool time and R&R, even though I had a client Saturday afternoon. We finished Top of the Lake (which was very, very good and full of beautiful New Zealand scenery, but required quite a lot of recovery time afterward), watched The Sapphires, made lots of good food and stayed up until the wee hours of morning.

06-P2850104 07-Crown-001

We also had a very productive Sunday morning cafe date with Sonny from Qwear, and in case you missed the announcement about my joining the team as an official  expert on all things femme (and then some), there's a brand new post up that dives right in to how I get my hair so...FFAF-y. I'd love it if you'd check it out and feel free to submit any questions or requests for future posts - it's what I'm there for!


I'm in love with this Zoya polish. It's named Dahlia, from their PixieDust line of polishes, described as "a black beauty with a sugared sparkle, in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula." That accurately sums it up, but the matte grit and sparkle and grey-black finish makes it a super chic, easy mani year-round. I picked it up from my local Miniluxe for $5!



For the first time since moving here, I gathered up some bags of used clothing in good condition to take to the local Buffalo Exchange. (We haven't got any Crossroads Trading Co. locations here, by the way.) I used to make once or twice yearly meccas to them back home to nab a goldmine in trade! We never got around to having a yard sale and before I sent them to my Etsy shop or the donation bin, I wanted to scope out the buying counters in our 'hood.

Have you ever sold clothing on consignment, or at a spot like this? It can be pretty intimidating, especially if it's anything like this, but it's a learning process and over the years I've gotten pretty good at knowing what to bother bringing in and what not to. Having a thick skin doesn't hurt, either. Anyway, I think I broke my own record - or came close to breaking it - today. They took two bags of my gently worn duds for appx. $550 in retail (and if you don't know how it works, that's either 50% in trade or 30% in cash for the seller). Woohoo! I took off with the check before I succumbed to the tapestry dress in an all-over dog print.

I'm still thinking about it, though.


Purple Rain

01-Purple Bird Mugginess returned today with a wallop, along with a spot or two of rain. It was kind of brutal to wear even this tissue-thin, vintage jacket, but I cranked up the A/C and we did a quick little shoot in the upstairs hallway. After this post, there are still five outfits to go in the R29 challenge, but I'm skipping bermuda shorts (sorry, haven't got any) and the pairing a knee-length skirt with a "fun" sweatshirt because HI, IT'S SUMMER. Sweatshirts are a no-go, but let's revisit when things cool down, shall we?



Day 27: "A short dress can look more pulled together if you wear a boxy jacket on top. Ankle-strap heels help balance out all the legginess." 

This tip is definitely solid, and good to remember as we move through the dog days of summer. The dress here is from Pinkyotto, a boutique on Newbury St. that I fell in love with on our trip out here in 2010 for a wedding. They have delightful teddy bear heads plunked on the storefront's mannequins, and made it impossible not to peek inside and see what that was all about. There are three others in NYC, as well!

04-P2840942 05-P2840810

Pinkyotto can always be counted on to have sweet, kitschy prints in lovely silks and lace trims, and it's just a really fun, unapologetically girly place to shop. So yes, this dress is going on three years old, and very short. It definitely doesn't pass the bend-over test (something I urge my clients to try with dresses they try on - you never want to accidentally flash someone).


I love this little jacket but it doesn't quite sit right on me, so after this it's going into the "to sell or donate" pile. Such an awesome shade of purple, though, and a great, nubby fabric. The silly faux pockets crack me up every time. The tassel belt is from Zara and is always a lot of fun, and the heels are Novela. The necklace you probably recognize by now as J. Crew, and that's it!

Lipstick is MAC's Speak Louder, a bright, bratty pink. My poor hair had a nice little bend at the ends, but the humidity zapped it right out.

07-Purple Bird-001 08-P2840928 09-P2840969 10-P2850047

I confess that we've gotten hooked on Top of the Lake, a miniseries from Sundance set in a New Zealand mountain town. (A friend who's actually from New Zealand recommended it when we were in New York.) It's very good, though baffling, and really stunning to look at. It feels strange to say that given the subject (Elizabeth Moss plays a detective investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl), but some of the sweeping shots of the landscapes - and there are horses just everywhere - take my breath away. It may or may not be the reason posts have slowed down here ever-so-slightly. I'm sorry! Watch it, and you'll see why.

More soon, little darlings.



07-P2840543 Happy Monday! The weather is STILL glorious, some deranged bird is cawing nonstop outside of the office window and I've got piles and piles of fresh laundry for folding. It was a damn fine weekend. Yesterday began with pastries warm from the oven and French Pressed coffee, and ended with a trip to Sephora and hours spent lounging around in our backyard, grilling and chatting and supervising the tomboys and their giddy use of a new miter saw. Hooray!


This post is named for the Downtown Field Jacket by J. Crew, it's an excellent all-around little topper that definitely fills a little hole I had in my closet.


These J. Crew earrings were a total steal. I love them to death, they're so vibrant and sparkly and cool, and are an easy way to complete a killer outfit. They're all sold out of this version, but have refreshed the design with a tortoiseshell-like center stone, amber and turquoise. Pretty!


We're on Day 26, which mentions freak showers. (Funnily enough, we had one yesterday when I was wearing this!) Here are the details: "Freak showers happen — we know! Puddle jump in style with a fun windbreaker, a knee-length dress, and plastic heels that can withstand the wetness."

The field jacket is the closest thing I've got to a windbreaker or raincoat, but its resin-coated canvas can definitely hold up to a summer (or fall - but let's not jump the gun) storm. My issue with jackets like these is usually the fit, but a small fit me perfectly in the dressing room, and they very smartly included adjustable waist tabs for giving the waist a little nip if you're feeling things are a little too boxy. Both colors are beautiful and neither these photos nor the ones on the website do the "mossy brown" justice. It's certainly more olive or khaki green than brown and the third photo down from the top is the truest match if you're curious.

06-Fields and Flowers


The dress is from a boutique called Lola but all the nice, neat pleats have since fallen out of the skirt so I'm afraid this is the last you'll be seeing of it. The gold-plated sandals are from Nordstrom and the denim vest is a DIY from an old Old Navy jacket. I cinched a J. Crew bow belt around my waist, a vintage necklace around my neck, and Madewell + Brandy Melville bracelets around my wrist.


I can't remember where, but I recently read on a beauty blog about Sephora's cream lip stains, and so I picked it up yesterday in Always Red. As you can see, it's very red. I am a fast fan of the amazing wear, texture and super-saturated color, and can't wait to go back to pick up Strawberry Kissed (a pinkier red) and Endless Purple.  If you check 'em out, start with the mattes - I wasn't as impressed with the shimmery or satin ones, but I loathe glitter or sparkle of any kind in my lip product, so keep that in mind.

09-Fields and Flowers-001

Before I sign off, I wanted to tell you how easy this updo is. I love how it turned out and thought you might be curious:

1. Make a ponytail. 2. Make a fishtail braid. 3. Tuck the end of the braid under and close to the bottom of your ponytail holder. (You can bobby pin it or just hold it and go to the next step.) 4. On either side of the folded-under fishtail braid, use a Bunheads pin or similar to secure the braid closer to your scalp (and to hide the ponytail holder). 5. Once secure on the sides, do the same with the bottom if necessary. 6. Last and most important step to add polish: At the top, use 1-2 bobby pins to bring some small pieces of the braid up and over the top exposed part of your ponytail holder. If pinned correctly, there should be no ponytail holder showing at all, just a mysteriously mussed-to-perfection fishtail updo that's better than a bun and less fussy than a chignon.

And if none of that made ANY sense, I will try to bribe the tomboy into recording it on video for you to watch and try out for yourselves!


I'm very proud of this little arrangement I made from just three or four bunches of flowers from Whole Foods. I was able to fill two large and two small vases with them and they're flowers from local farmers. They opened up beautifully over the weekend.

Cheers, FFAF

Sleepy Saturday

03-Recently Updated1 Good god, it is an absolutely perfect day here. 78°F and sunny, gusts of wind so wonderfully cooling they'll take your breath away. I just had a 30-minute coughing fit in the kitchen while pan-roasting myriad very hot peppers in a cast iron skillet for 6 lbs. of homemade, slow-cooked carnitas for a get-together tonight, the sweetie pie neighbors left a paper bag full of their garden's best peppers and zucchini on our front porch, and I'm snacking on hummus and pita chips with a glass of cava while the tomboys simultaneously play Dead Space 3 in the office on their dual-TVs and respective PS3 and Xbox consoles. (Ridiculous, but kind of cute.)


Earlier this morning I popped down to Miniluxe for a "LaLicious Sugar" pedi, and I'm waiting for my femme-in-crime, KA, to join me so that we can gossip and make fancy cocktails and have pool time before we do our manicures, etc.


Day 23 of the R29 31 Awesome Outfits to Copy All July Long said "there's something that feels so restrictive about covering our ankles in the summer. If you're going to wear jeans, cuff 'em. Keep the rest of your look slick and simple. Promise — it'll look intentionally simple," so I did exactly that, which you can check out on Qwear. (We met Thursday at Cambridge Brewing Company to discuss some pending business and then M joined us for an outstanding Italian dinner near Kendall Square in Cambridge.)



But the next day is more like my idea of fun. We're revisiting the whole socks with sandals thing, except I couldn't resist the urge to pair them with these delightful wingtip heels - and we all know I can rock some socks with sandals from Day 5.

Day 24: "Feel like your floral sundress needs a little something extra? Wear bright-white socks with your sandals for added intrigue."


Yay! I got these socks from Topshop last weekend (along with an epic blue skirt I can't wait to show you). The dress is Orla Kiely and you might remember it from one of our little trips to Maine, and the Havana clutch is from J. Crew. These shoes are Franco Sarto and while I can't find anything similar online, these herringbone tweed loafers are pretty killer if you need some for fall (and under $100)! My belt and necklace are both Kate Spade.


I had my ombre locks refreshed, deep conditioned and trimmed yesterday at a little salon in our town, and I'm so happy with the result! I think the custom blend of warm, golden brown tones will carry over nicely as seasons change. BUT WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT YET, ARE WE?! Nope, we're not. It's a delicious summer day and the pool is waiting.


Have a good weekend, friends and lovers!


Shark Bite

3-P2840047 Day 22: "Flat espadrilles can look a little too precious, so we like balancing it out with an oversized T-shirt dress."

First of all, tsk-tsk to R29 for the typo in that sentence - it originally had balancing spelled balencing. Sometimes I really wish they'd hire me because typos like that happen much too regularly for my taste. Glossybox, too, especially in their little monthly magazines.


Secondly, I had to skip Day 21. Two skips in one week! (Terrible, but only nine more to go.) Not only did it call for pants, it called for a dress (or tunic) to be worn over said pants.News flash: We live in New England now (see above), and that is clearly a SF outfit for those foggy, chilly summer days where you have to layer up as if it were mid-November. Brr! Here it's too hot for all that.


Lo and behold, a peek into my closet revealed that an oversized T-shirt dress is not a thing this girl owns.

What else have we discovered like that from this challenge so far? Turns out I haven't got:

  • patterned slip-ons, like a pair of Vans
  • sneakers that aren't meant to be worn to the gym or on a run
  • a beautiful sheer skirt
  • long pleated shorts
  • short-alls
  • a "quirky" romper
  • an embellished tee
  • a two-tone vest
  • a pair of creepers (which I now know you can buy at Topshop)


I have to say, aside from the skirt, I can't say I'm longing to get any of these items into my wardrobe anytime soon. I'm a little bit beyond negotiating restrooms in a romper although they are awfully cute on some folks, and I have plenty of rad tees I can embellish myself with one of the handfuls of statement necklaces or detachable collars I own.


So for this outfit, I took my excellent distressed shark t-shirt from Zara, knotted it instead of doing a half-tuck, and paired it with this Kieran Dallison pleated jersey wrap-front skirt. The skirt is insanely soft and easy to wear. I added a denim vest to balance out the J. Crew pearls, and a polka dot shoulder bag and mixed-metal cuffs from Madewell. I stole my kid's surfing magazines (she's obsessed with surf + skate culture now) because SHARKS. I had a theme going!


Love OPI Liquid Sand nail polishes, but only the glitter kind. It makes it extra gritty and adds dimension you just don't get from the sheer or micro-glitter shades. This one is Get Your Number, I think, but Can't Let Go is a deep, vibrant purple I love as well. I want to find Jinx, a sizzling poppy-coral glitter.


For the espadrilles, I own two pairs and neither is exactly flat, so I picked the lowest ones - a sort of sporty Tommy Hilfiger pair with a mini-wedge.


Lastly, this is my new favorite summer pony. Just give your crown a little tease or pin back the front like I did, and messily fishtail braid the pony, with the option of tucking the ends into the hair tie at the bottom. It'd look even more polished if it were wrapped at the base, but I wanted mine to be kind of sporty and lived-in for this outfit. Perfect for hot days.

Next up is a post from the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park! Stay tuned.